DREAMS Summer Programme 2017

This week was our Summer Programme 2017 we offered a full week of a wide range of activities for Nechells children between the ages 5 – 11 years old. We had Naty from Unatty Arts; Yoga and Face Painting who offered yoga which worked on the children’s movement. We also had Spiltmilk Dance who ran…

Reading Group

We had a fun Reading group today. It was great for all the attendees to be able to read together and also help each other better their reading skills. This group is on every Friday from 11:00am – 12:00pm, for more information contact the POD.

Animal Agent Celebration

On Wednesday 20th September 2017 Adele the Librarian held a special celebration at the POD for the children who completed the summer reading challenge ‘Animal Agents’. Altogether a total of 46 children completed the challenge, they were all able to read 6 different books with in 6 weeks which is an amazing achievement. Adele presented…

Well-being Programme

Today in our Well-being Programme run by Asma, the class learnt how to blend their own oils. All the class gave it ago and made some brilliant oils which gave off beautiful aromas all around the building. If you are interested in this course then please contact the POD to take part.

Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC)

Joseph Chamberlain College (JCC) student’s spent the afternoon interviewing POD staff as part of their assessment, which was to identify the different roles of the staff and how the centre operates. They enjoyed speaking to the different members of POD staff and have gained a better understanding of our daily duties and how we work…

Financial Champions

Today we have had Groundwork here running a Financial Champions Internet Skills Workshop for over 50s which is an all day course covering a wide range of topics such as online banking, online shopping and staying secure online. This workshop will help all the Nechells residents attending to feel comfortable online and turn them into…

New Yoga Classes at the POD

Next week Thursday will be the start of our new yoga classes at the POD. These yoga classes will offer a huge amount of benefits all of which aimed at improving both your mental and physical well being. For more information please contact the POD.