The digger moves in

The digger has started work on moving all the surplus earth from the site. Â The old trees have been removed these will be replaced when the work is nearing completion and will include a small orchard to complete our allotment area.

Home Access Grant – Update

People are now starting to recieve their computers . Once you have been awarded your grant you will recieve a ” credit card ” with £528.00 worth of credit on it. You will recieve a leaflet outlining where you can spend your credit – Apollo 2000 , Brighthouse etc… Don’t worry it is all very…

Getting the roof on

Things have really moved on since our last blog, the foundations have been laid, the walls built and the roof will be completed by the end of this week. To show you how the building has progressed we are going to create a gallery of the photographs we have taken so that you can see…

PODtastic Playground

The new playground areas have had logos, games, puzzles and a big world map installed ready for our Summer Holiday activities. These pictures show how the playground was marked out by Project Playgrounds

POD Extension Completed

The new extension to the POD is now finished and it looks wonderful – like it has always been there! Our building was designed by Hasker Architects The building work was carried out by Solihull Roofing and building Watch how this was done We would like to thank everyone involved in making our dream happen,…

POD car park

There was never enough space to park at the POD, so as part of our new build we had the car park extended and re marked in official parking bays, including disabled access and designated spaces for our POD mini buses. Mind you park in the lines our you might get wheel clamped!

Summer Play Scheme use the new play ground

The Extended Services Summer My Choice and Transition Activities started at the POD on Monday 26th July and will run until Friday 6th August. So the building has been filled with children this week, they are enjoying all sorts of fun activities as part of the Extended Services Summer Programme. The children has been able…